About Africa Data Forum

At Africa Data Forum we believe that knowledge is an important organisational resource. Knowledge management is the discipline that fosters organisational learning.The training and equipping of workers with the collective current and relevant knowledge, skills and wisdom is therefore a prerequisite for any organisation seeking to remain relevant in the future. Knowledge workers seek to gain expertise through a combination of learning and understanding of information, and then apply that expertise by making informed actions. Learning organisations are those that seek to proactively increase the collective knowledge and wisdom of its workers.Africa Data Forum seeks to act as the facilitator in the training and equipping of data scientists, data practitioners, business leaders and executives at individual and organisational level with the relevant knowledge, skills and wisdom.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take Africa to the next level through data science and analytics. Business is collecting more and more data. They will need the skills and knowledge to know what to do with it, to turn this information into competitive nuggets of gold. Business users don’t need to be statisticians, but they need to understand the proper usage of statistical methods.We want our business users, on the Continent, at all organisational levels to understand how to interpret data, metrics, and the results of statistical models. This is “data literacy.” The art, the skill, the knowledge and the competency in finding, manipulating, managing, and interpreting data, including not just numbers but also text and images. It our vision that for Africa to be truly competitive on the global stage, data literacy skills must spread far beyond their usual home, i.e. the digital organisations and the organisations’  IT function, and become an integral aspect of every industry and every business function and activity. Big data without analytics is just a bunch of data and not very useful to any organisation. Our vision is to take Africa to the next level through data science and analytics by helping businesses on the continent imagine how new types of data can lead to new insights